About us


Identità creations are real works of art to wear, the perfect result of a balance between creative spirit, refined design and artisan experience proudly Made in Italy.

Towards which horizons can passion lead us?

The answer we found, looking into the past of our work and into the origins of our company, is contained in a quote from Baltasar Gracián: “Passion dyes everything it touches with its own colors”.

When was our passion born?

Since 2010 this passion has become the leitmotif of our company, making a sincere and passionate contribution to the world of fashion with a line of high-heeled shoes that can pay homage to women in their diversity, allowing each to express themselves with their own identity.

The ideal and artistic avant-garde does not renounce the tradition of craftsmanship, where every single finish is exclusively hemmed by hand. Furthermore, the almost obsessive research of materials, the precise and punctual choice of models and the meticulous attention to detail make our company unique in the world market.

Identità S.r.l. boasts a well-structured reality in the graphics, design, translation, IT, customer service, marketing and sales departments. The stylists and the productions are commissioned in several regions throughout the national territory. Orders are shipped worldwide from Identità S.r.l. warehouses. in packages prepared with the utmost care, with certificate of authenticity, designation of origin of the materials, dust bag, box and outer packaging branded with the Maison logo, intended for EXPRESS shipments with delivery within 24 working hours for Italy and 2 / 4 working days to any other destination in the world.

The goal we pursue is to transform the desires hidden in the heart of every woman into reality and it is what makes each of our shoes a unique experience of style and luxury.